A Message from Flightline's President

In the complex arena of rules and regulations for drug testing that vary throughout the United States, Flightline Drug Testing is a national company on a mission to provide you with the administration and resources necessary to be a drug free workplace. One of the best resources to review is The Drug Free Workplace Advisor. It gives you a complete explanation of the requirements in layman’s language.

Whether your company requires drug testing under the Department of Transportation (DOT) with the FAA, FRA, FPA, FMCSA, or USCG ... or you simply want to pursue a drug free workplace ... Flightline Drug Testing supports you with a complete package of administrative tools and services. Our proprietary employee and supervisor training programs provide the necessary information to help prevent drug abuse in the workplace. Our unique "in house" Medical Review Officer service means that you have all of the services with one company and information is readily available.

Flightline Drug Testing has been providing these services since the drug testing federal regulations became law in 1988. We want to serve your drug testing needs and we look forward to providing you with our outstanding service. You can be confident that your workplace will be drug free. Contact us today.

Tom Powers
  • President
  • Flightline Drug Testing

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